Coloured Concrete

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Enhance your next concrete project by adding a colour that will transform that traditional plain grey look to a more aesthetically decorative design with a rejuvenated bespoke look. Patios, footpaths, driveways, garage floors and milking parlours can now be coloured to add a vibrant, distinct and custom touch to these areas.

Large areas can be broken up using multiple colours and some colours can be used to blend in the concreted area with nature and the natural surrounds. Imprinting the surface of a coloured concrete gives a further distinctive look that can mimic cobblestones or other patterns. A range of popular colours including red, yellow, brown and black are available with other colours on demand.

Coloured concrete has all the performance and durability characteristics associated with normal concrete with the added advantage of colour penetration throughout the full depth of the concrete, not just on the surface.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Choice of aesthetically pleasing colours
  • Colour is present through the full depth of concrete
  • Strong and durable
  • Long life with low maintenance
  • Cost efficient compared with other paving
  • Residential floors, patios, driveways and footpaths
  • Commercial floors, driveways and car parks
  • Streetscape footpaths and public areas
  • Milking parlours
  • Garage floors
Technical Specification

I.S. EN 206:2013 – Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity

GUIDANCE ON I.S. EN 206 2013
What are the most commonly used colours?

The most commonly requested colours are black, white and red. The addition of a black pigment complements the typically dark materials that make up a concrete mix allowing for dark charcoal coloured concrete to be produced.

What other colours are available?

Earthy colours such as yellow, brown and orange are relatively common. Other colours may be available on request; we would suggest consulting one of our sales representatives prior to specifying.

A true white coloured concrete requires the use of cements and aggregates that are not typically stocked at readymix plants in Ireland. An off white/light grey colour can be achieved with the incorporation of GGBS (ground granulated blastfurnace slag) into a concrete mix, however due to the darker colour of the other finer materials in a concrete mix a true white coloured concrete is difficult to achieve. Care should be taken when specifying higher percentages of GGBS. Higher GGBS percentages can lead to certain surface defects particularly in colder weather.

Concrete with red pigment is commonly used around buried services to indicate their presence if subsequently excavated.