Trowel Ready Mortar


Roadstone Trowel Ready Mortar has been available for over 25 years; it is produced in modern batching plants and delivered pre-mixed to site in quantities to suit the customer's requirements.

It holds the required properties of cohesiveness and workability for its designated retardation period in the delivery skips, but starts to set as it loses water into the block or brickwork being laid.

It is supplied in a 36 hour TRM.  It can be used on the day of delivery and will get you started the next day.

1 cubic metre of TRM weighs approx 1.5 ~ 1.65 Tonnes and is normally supplied in 0.33 m3 metre bags or bins.


Trowel Ready Mortar is used for general purpose masonry work and is available in its natural colour or a range of standard colours including: Straw, Dark Brown, Heather, Rust, Black, Light Brown, Natural and Terracotta.

Colour mixing takes place on site in our truck or in a specially designed mini mixer attached to the main mixer so exact matching is guaranteed, and the load can be split by colour if required.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Supplied ready for use and remains workable for a 36 hour period
  • Delivered to site according to a pre-arranged order programme
  • Discharged into skips which serve as measuring, storage and transit containers.
  • Is immediately ready for use without further treatment on site.
  • Improves brick laying productivity for the contractor.
  • Offers the contractor economic advantages over site mixed mortar i.e. no setting up costs, no breakdown costs, no wastage and a cleaner safer site.
  • Is weigh batched and manufactured under computerised control, thus ensuring consistency and long term durability.
  • Complies with Irish and International Standards.
  • Better jointed masonry is produced as a result of the better plasticity and adhesion of Trowel Ready Mortar.
  • The micro-sized air pores enhance resistance to freeze/thaw and sulphate attack.
  • Streamlines and improves building progress.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Full technical and commercial back-up available.

“The Roadstone TRM mortar at the National Skills Competition was ideal for the brickwork project we had to build, the mortar was nice and workable and had a nice creamy consistency to it which made building the project just that bit easier for us. It was very consistent when going off which made it very easy for us to time the pointing of the brick in the competition this allowed us to build as much as we could and yet still be able to point up the brickwork to our desired finish.

The mortar when pointed was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and this allowed us to get as much points for the overall appearance of our projects in the competition. Overall the mortar supplied was perfect for the job at hand and I could definitely see myself using more of the Roadstone mortar for future jobs”.

 – Jason Shanahan, 2019 National Bricklaying Competition Winner


Technical Specification
  • I.S. EN 998-1: 2012  Specification for Mortar for Masonry
Case Studies and Resources
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