“For over 20 years Roadstone has been an industry leader in the adoption and implementation of NSAI verified managements systems which support the Company’s commitment to product quality and sustainability”
Fergal O’Byrne, Head – Business Excellence, Certification, NSAI

Environmentally Sustainable

Roadstone has NSAI accreditation for both Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Energy Management (ISO 50001) These systems are externally audited and verify the companies commitment to continuous assessment and improvement of our management systems in these areas. Roadstone is committed to the use of sustainable and recycled materials. Following engineered mix designs, Roadstone incorporates Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP) into our bituminous mixtures at selected locations.

Socially Sustainable

Roadstone uses local products sourced on our sites and delivered to customers in the locality (The average delivery trip of a Roadstone truck is 12 kms). Roadstone employs people local to our sites, both directly and indirectly, and these employees in turn spend money in their local economy.

Economically Sustainable

Roadstone has been in business since 1949 and through prudent and effective management the company continues to be economically sustainable into the future. Through product research and development Roadstone has developed a number of environmentally sustainable products without any compromise on durability and performance.



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