Roadstone Aggregates are produced at all quarry locations by means of blasting, crushing and screening into the required sizes. Aggregates produced at our Pit locations are extracted by excavator and screened/crushed into the required sizes.

Materials may vary in maximum size and particle size distribution (grading) to suit the required applications. When producing these materials the aim is to always have a finished product which is clean, hard and durable and capable of performing as required in an engineering environment.

Some aggregates have specific properties which give good resistance to polishing when used in Surface Course Asphalt materials. These aggregates are termed as High PSV aggregate and are used to either surface dress the pavement, are incorporated into the hot asphalt mix or are applied to the surface as a pre-coated chipping.

Production is managed under our ISO 9001 Quality Management scheme with all aggregate producing locations having System 2+ level of attestation of conformity.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Strong and durable to meet the demands of the civil engineering environment
  • Available in a range of sizes and gradings
  • Made from local materials manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Large volumes can be accommodated
  • Production managed under ISO 9001 Quality Management scheme

Aggregates are used in the downstream production of our various end products such as Ready Mix Concrete, Concrete blocks, Masonry and Mortars and Asphalt.

Technical Specification

The most commonly produced sizes include:

  • SR 21 Annex E. T3 Blinding(0/4mm)
  • Crushed Rock Fines (0-4mm)
  • 2/6.3mm Aggregate (6mm)
  • 4/10mm Aggregate (10mm)
  • 6.3/14mm Aggregate (14mm)
  • 10/20mm Aggregate (20mm)
  • 20/31.5mm Aggregate (28mm)
  • 20/40mm Aggregate (40mm)
  • EN 12620 Aggregates for Concrete (S.R.16)
  • EN 13043 Aggregates for Bituminous Materials (S.R. 17)
  • EN 13139 Aggregates for Mortars (S.R.18)
  • EN 13242 Aggregates for Unbound and Hydraulically Bound Materials (S.R. 21)
  • EN 13450 Aggregates for Railway Ballast