Roadstone celebrates 75 years leading the building materials market in Ireland
vintage image of Roadstone office with cars to the front

From humble beginnings in the early forties, two Dublin brothers started a small business that would transform the construction industry, and go on to become one of the largest building materials businesses in the world.

Tom and Donal Roche started with a sand and gravel haulage business, initially called Roche Brothers. In 1949 the brothers launched a new company called Roadstone, on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Roadstone developed quickly through mergers, acquisitions and the purchase of key land banks around the country.

The aspirational outlook and forward planning of the brothers secured a space for Roadstone to grow, and establish itself as the market leader.

In 1968 Belgard Quarry lands were acquired securing the most important stone reserve in the country. At one stage Belgard was the largest quarry in Europe, and acted as a major catalyst for the growth of the business.

In 1970 a merger between Roadstone and Irish Cement saw the formation of CRH, which today employs 78,500 people at 3,390 operating locations in 28 countries.

Today Roadstone is a solutions oriented business driving innovation and sustainability. From the development of solar projects and Wetlands, to 3D construction printed buildings, Roadstone is enabling change and working towards the reduction of carbon in our built environment.

For the last 75 years Roadstone has been a leader in products and services and a key player in the construction of our homes, roads schools, hospitals and workplaces. 

The business has served as a community to our colleagues and friends who have worked together over the decades.

We recently celebrated 3,000 years of service from those who attended our Long Service Awards. This was a proud moment which demonstrated the strength and resilience of our people.

To ensure the future remains bright for Roadstone, we stand together to reinvent the way our world is built.