5 Reasons to Join Roadstone


Let’s get down to it; what will you get out of a career with Roadstone?

Here are our top five reasons to join Roadstone although there are others!

1. We give you a real role and responsibilities

We believe that the best development opportunity you can have is actually working in a real role, with real work and real challenges. 

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2. We give you career flexibility

Because of its structure, the Graduate Programme gives you the opportunity to work in excess of five locations during your first two to three years of employment. This means you can explore what you really want and where you really want to go.

3. We focus on names, not numbers

We decide on a small graduate intake and focus on each graduate’s development individually.

4. We develop and support you

We will work with you to define and offer development opportunities specific to your career goals.

Our Graduate Programme includes short term assignments and secondments to give you different perspectives of our business.

The structure of the programme provides our graduates networking opportunities.

To help you with your orientation to Roadstone, our graduates are paired with a buddy at commencement and a mentor once you’ve settled into you role.

5. We have great rewards and benefits

A Competitive salary and rewards system with post graduate academic programme support and other professional development all form part of our commitment to you.