Warm Mix Asphalt

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Roadstone Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) is a bituminous mixture that incorporates technology that allows the material to be manufactured at lower production temperatures. This reduces the amount of fuel required to dry and heat the aggregates in the bituminous material, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

The incorporation of this technology means that the performance characteristics of the Warm Mix Asphalt are the equivalent of a Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) despite being produced at a lower temperature. Warm Mix Asphalt is a “greener” more environmentally sustainable option.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Performs the same as HMA
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Allows materials to be transported greater distances
  • A greener more environmentally friendly mix
  • Available in a range of mixes
  • Made from local materials to the highest standards
  • 100% Recyclable
Technical Specification

Produced in accordance with

  • IS EN 13108 series
  • NSAI’s Standard Recommendation (SR) 28
  • I.S. EN 13108-20: Type Testing and I.S. EN 13108-21: Factory Production Control
  • CC-SPW-00900 Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s, Series 900 Specification for Road Works