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Urbana Block Paving has a surface modelled on natural stone, available in a mixed bale containing three different sizes. The Urbana Block Paving combined with the Urbana Block Paving Sett will give a unique random natural stone appearance.


The product is manufactured in Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig, County Limerick. It can be used in a range of settings, from your patio, garden, driveway or path for instance. There are Kerbs,  Setts & Channels available to match. Roadstone also supplies a range of Jointing Sand, Jointing Compounds and Laying Course.

Colours available
Pre-Sealed paving

Factory in-line sealing is an available option by request on orders over 500m2. The ideal time to apply these surface treatments is at the point of manufacture. Paving is sealed in the factory while product is clean thus avoiding on site contamination of dirt. This allows for more accurate application of the surface treatment, ensuring that the correct amount of sealer is applied to the surface. In turn this gives the treated surface all the properties of post impregnated paving. It also removes the probability of secondary efflorescence and makes the application of cement based grouts easier. For more information get a quote or download our technical specification document here

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Further support

For some inspiration check out a recent case study using this product here Learn more about Roadstone’s full paving solutions with our online CPD by visiting cpd.roadstone.ie

Technical Specification

BOQ Specifications:

Concrete paviours with a riven surface finish, mixed bales of 300x200x60mm, 200x200x60mm & 200x100x60mm. Installation on laying course as per BS7533:101 2027


Size (Mixed bale)DepthQuantity (per m²)Quantity (per bale)Bale size