Sablé Paving Slabs


Sablé Paving Slabs are a concrete paving flag.  With a blast-cleaned surface the flags have a natural appearance.

Key Features & Benefits
  • A special feature of this paving is that it benefits from being sealed and secondly, slip resistant.
Colours available

The Slabs are available in three colours including:

  • Hera - Dove grey paving slabs with subtle darker flecks
  • Omega - Graphite hue flecked paving slabs with paler tones
  • Dore - Warm buff sand coloured paving slabs.

Colours can be mixed to produce a pattern that suits your garden or home.



Further support

Roadstone's laying and maintenance guide for paving can be downloaded here Learn more about Roadstone’s full paving solutions with our online CPD by visiting 

Remote video URL
Preview image for the video "Sable Paving - Colours - Dora - Omega - Hera - 600x600x30mm".
Technical Specification

The Slabs are available in two sizes including:

  • 400 X 400mm
  • 600 X 600mm
Sablé Paving Slabs            
Product available Size Depth Quantity per m2 Quantity (per bale) Bale size  
Omega, Dore, Hera 400 X 400mm 40mm 6.25 120 19.20m²  
Omega, Dore, Hera 600 X 600mm 30mm 2.78 34 12.23m²  
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