Flomix Lime Mortar

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Flomix Lime mortars offer all the advantages of Roadstone’s standard dry silo mortars while also incorporating the benefits of lime.

Flomix Lime mortars are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant and provides the optimum combination of strength, bond and workability.


The advantages of using lime in mortar have been recognised throughout the ages. The addition of hydrated lime to standard cement sand mortars offers numerous benefits for both the bricklayer and the finished masonry.

Key Features
  • WORKABILITY: Lime improves the workability and cohesiveness of mortar to produce a high quality creamy mix which can increase the productivity of the bricklayers and the quality of the finished mortar joint.
  • WATER RETENTION: Lime improves the water retention of mortar which is particularly beneficial when using brick or other absorbent masonry units. It allows the mortar to stay workable for longer after laying while also retaining water for the optimal hydration of the cement, thus reducing cracking and water penetration into the hardened mortar joint.
  • BOND: Lime improves the bond between the mortar and the masonry unit. The increased plasticity and cohesion improves adhesion to the vertical face and increases the walls resistance to wind driven rain.
  • AIR ENTRAINMENT: Lime entrains micro bubbles of air in the mortar to provide improved workability of fresh mortar and freeze thaw resistance of hardened mortar.
  • CRACK HEALING: Lime can enable a micro cracked mortar joint to autogenously heal. Rainwater dissolves the free lime in the mortar joint which is then deposited in the micro crack when the water evaporates. The lime reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate and seals the crack.