Float Ready Plaster and Render

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Roadstone Float Ready Plaster (FRP) is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use plaster specially formulated for both external rendering and internal plastering. FRP is a highly workable product, with special adhesion properties, and can be used both as an undercoat and finishing coat. FRP also gives guaranteed strength and excellent floating properties. Add to this rigid and consistent quality control and you will see why Float Ready Plaster is the efficient alternative to site mixing.

FRP is normally supplied in the morning time as a 12 hour retarded product. It is then normally plastered onto the wall and should be ready for floating in the afternoon, weather depending. Alternatively the product can be delivered in the afternoon ( 24 hour retarded ) and used the following morning.

FRP as normally supplied by proportion is 1 : 4 ~ 5 Cement : Sand with workability additives.

Key features and benefits
  • Greater economic advantages over site mixed plaster
  • No set-up costs, no breakdown costs, no wastage
  • Tougher as internal undercoat
  • Daily delivery service for same day usage
  • Complies with Irish and International standards
  • Streamlines and improves building progress
  • Greater productivity as more plasterwork is produced in less time
Technical Specification
  • I.S. EN 998 – 1 : Specification for Rendering and Plastering Mortar
  • EN 13914 :  Design, Preparation and Application of External Rendering and Internal Plastering
Case Studies and Resources
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