Cubicle Lime

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Cubicle Lime is a natural antibacterial bedding for livestock

  • Cubicle Lime is produced from a high calcium limestone sourced from Roadstone quarries.
  • It can assist in protecting livestock against disease and infection.
  • The powdered lime is highly absorbent ensuring that livestock are cleaner and drier.


• Reduces risk of environmental mastitis and reduces SCC
• Assists in the control of odour


  • Highly absorbant
  • Finely ground to allow for high surface area coverage
    Adds value to slurry for application to soil
  • Suitable for range of housings including stables, calf houses and lambing boxes


Hydrated Cubicle Lime

Hydrated lime provides additional protection to livestock from disease and infection.

Hydrated lime greatly enhances the ability to kill bacteria.

Available in 1tn or 25kg bags

Roadstone Cubicle Lime brochure


Tipperary, Killough
Roadstone Quarry
Address: Killough Quarry, Killough, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
Telephone: 0504 41254
eircode: E41 T622

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 08.00 - 17.00
Saturday: Closed
Bank Holiday Monday: Closed

Killough Production Facility

The quarry is centrally located adjacent to the Cork-Dublin Motorway (M8), it encompasses a large portion of Killough Hill which is a very high purity limestone escarpment surrounded by agricultural land in Co. Tipperary.

Material for dolomitic products is sourced from the Roadstone mine in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Construction on the new Killough Mineral Plant was completed in February 2020.  At the heart of the plant is a Bradley BM14 mill. This mill is capable of manufacturing Virgin Filler at a rate of 15-18 TPH and Animal Feed of 17-20 TPH. When manufacturing Fertiliser Grits this can be increased to 25 TPH.

The state of the art control system, with the Xoptix Intellisizer providing real time information on Particle Size Distribution, allows for maximum flexibility of production with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption.

The material is dried by a two stage fully modulating burner, this two stage burner helps to minimise LPG consumption thus reducing the carbon footprint of the plant.

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