Burren Walling


Burren Walling is a versatile dry walling product perfect for the DIY enthusiast.

Burren walling is 220mm deep and comes as a full block (220 x 140 x 220mm) and a half block (110 x 140 x 220mm) (W x H x D).

The full block has one split face with the half block having two split faces which makes it functional for turning corners and staggering joints.


It is suitable for low garden walls and flower beds as well as fire pits and many other garden features.

Burren walling can be capped using Roadstone’s Petite Bordeaux Capping.

When using Burren Walling it is recommended to use a proprietary masonry adhesive.

The unit height is 140mm and can be built to a maximum of 4 layers with a Petite Bordeaux cap giving a capped wall height of 635mm.

Colours available

There are two colours available

Nickle Blend
Pewter Blend


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Technical specification
Burren Walling
Block Size (W x H x D) Blocks per m2 Qty Blocks Per Bale
Full Block 220 x 140 x 220mm 33 128
Half Block 110 x 140 x 220mm 66 256

33 Full blocks will build one square meter of wall textured on one side

3.9m2 of wall texture per bale