Roadstone Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

Roadstone has developed a suite of integrated digital tools to meet specific customer requirements.

The full package of solutions provide sales automation, digital ordering, track and trace, paperless ticketing, instant E-POD, digital document management and real-time order data.

This offers a solution for a fully automated Sales and Distribution process providing instant quotations that are integrated with the sales and dispatch system ensuring invoicing accuracy.

The ordering app allows customers to only order approved materials for approved projects.

GPS tracking means that customers can now track all loads in real time ensuring site personnel can be in the right place at the right time, and while ensuring the Roadstone fleet is operating at its optimum.

E-ticketing has removed the reliance on paper and as a fully integrated solution, ensures all delivery information is uploaded in real time. It delivers efficiencies in back office admin, and in incorporating BI reporting capability, Roadstone can provide customers with the data they need on a daily basis to accurately report costs.

Access to the Roadstone Customer Portal means that customers can also use a digital management tool to store and easily retrieve delivery dockets, statements and invoices.

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