Roadstone develops Customer Carbon Footprint Report

Customer Carbon Footprint Report

A Roadstone solution for understanding product and project carbon emissions.

Roadstone takes a whole life approach to solution development and product optimisation, which considers the impact of products over their entire life cycle, from extraction, production and transport, to performance in use, maintenance and final recycling or re-use.

For RMC & Asphalt products Roadstone can provide a report detailing the cradle to gate (A1-A3) and transport to site (A4) product and project carbon footprint information including the carbon savings from using our sustainable solutions. This report can be issued at design or tender stage, during project or end of project to give customers a detailed insight into the embodied carbon.

In addition, Roadstone can collaborate with customers to gain a deeper insight into the embodied carbon in products due to the construction (A5), in use (B1-B7) and end of life (C1-C4) impacts relating to product application specific to the project.

This solution allows customers to compare alternative products and services, actively seek lower carbon alternatives and understand the impact of using recycled and secondary materials.

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