N7 Newlands Cross Free Flow Interchange
9th May

Roadstone are currently supplying material to the N7 Newlands Cross Free Flow Interchange upgrade which consisted of major road widening and improvement to the busiest road junction in Ireland. This massive project mainly consists of the construction of a major re-enforced earth bridge 10 meters in height. Over 180,000 tns of 6I granular fill will be used in the construction of the ramps adjacent to the bridge abutments. This material will be placed in 150mm layers and compacted to in excess of 95% of maximum dry density.

Large concrete panels are used to face the side walls of the bridge with pre-cast natural cut-stone effect panels used to face the ramps. These panels are held in place by means of galvanised straps connected to the internal face of the panel at depths of 150mm.

This 6I material will then be covered with a layer of 6F2 and 150mm of Cl 804 before being covered in bituminous base layer. 6N is also used as backfill to the bridge piers

This project also involves the construction of numerous additional and auxiliary traffic lanes. When completed, the work will resulted in a significant improvement to the route capacity and traffic flow at this strategic junction with minimal disruption to existing traffic flow, adjacent residences and commercial enterprises during construction. As a major supplier Roadstone are contributing to the success of this project with their unrivalled experience and commitment to quality and service.