The Challenge

To provide a back garden of the highest design quality which is fun and functional, the products used would have to be:

Resilient and suitable for Irish conditions.

Accommodate the vision specified by Peter Donegan (Landscape Architect).

Functional to accommodate the gardening needs of the home-owners.

Available to suit the tight project timeline.

The Solution

Roadstone supplied 70m² of Urbana Paving (charcoal) for use as the main paving medium in the back garden. This was a strong colour specifically developed for this project. Lines of Verona Setts (white granite) were placed through the Urbana for visual effect. Roadstone Retail supplied 2 tonne bags of Autumn Gold Pebble for use around the paving.

Peter Donegan (Landscape Architect) created a serpentine curve through both the paving and the grassed area and this was created using a double soldier course of Verona Setts (midnight).

Roadstone supplied 5m² of Petite Bordeaux Walling (limestone) to create a raised bed at the rear of the garden, this area doubled as a seating area. This walling is a new DIY dry walling product which is 75mm high, comes in 5 different bricks sizes and is 300mm deep. The wall was built to a height of 450mm with an adhesion agent used to secure the top row of bricks.

Roadstone also provided 120m² of Thomond Paving (Limestone blend) and 14m² of Thomond Paving (Charcoal Grey). This paving was used to replace the front driveway of the property and the charcoal paving was placed within the body of the Thomond Limestone driveway to indicate parking areas. Due to the time constraints, this driveway was placed overnight by Denis Gallagher and his crew. Denis is a recommended Contractor for Roadstone Paving and we are delighted to be working with him and his crew on another fantastic paving project.

Roadstone supplied Standard Concrete Blocks, Ready-Mix Concrete and Clause 804 Stone for the initial stages of this project.

Roadstone Retail supplied 17 tonnes of Paving Grit for both the front and rear paving as well as 15 tubs of jointing material for the Urbana and 240kgs of Silver Granite Jointing Sand for the front driveway. Roadstone Retail also supplied 2m² of Terracotta Roof Tiles with fittings for this project.

The Result

A fun and functional garden delivered on time and to the specification of the landscape designer. The new Petite Bordeaux, dry-build walling from Roadstone proved the perfect solution for the retained flower beds.

Using a combination of paving products provided a flexible and varied space that works both with the design aspects and practical needs of the project.


Ensure that a sample panel was shown to the Landscape Architect (Peter Donegan) before construction begins. This means that the paving and decorative stone can be seen as they will be constructed and product design details can be discussed.

Roadstone Technical staff should always be engaged with before the beginning of large projects. This gives the client the full benefit of the project experience of Roadstone staff.

Engage with your local Roadstone Retail Outlet before starting your project to ensure that all products can be delivered to site as needed and in correct quantities.

Ensure you use a proven paving contractor and view a number of his projects. Roadstone Retail would be happy to inform you of good paving contractors in your area.

Landscape Architect – Peter Donegan

Main Contractors – DIY SOS – John Paul Meaney

Paving Contractor – Denis Gallagher