The Challenge

To provide a robust paved surface for family use to;

Provide an aesthetically pleasing paving design

Provide a safe surface for use by the family

Accommodate raised planters on site

Incorporate stepped entrances to grassed areas

Provide a suitable area for outdoor dining and associated garden furniture

Provide a low maintenance, long term hard landscaped solution.

The Solution

Roadstone provided 180m² of 60mm Urbana Limestone paving. Urbana paving is a multi-sized block paving modelled on natural stone. A proprietary jointing compound was also used to provide the low maintenance finish.

The Result

Roadstone provided a blended limestone coloured and textured multifunctional paved surface which ensured the landscaped area was both a robust paved surface and a functional application. The paved areas are visually striking whilst providing both recreational and practical areas for the residents.


When a high standard of workmanship is applied, Roadstone paving offers both a functional and visually pleasing landscape solution.

The use of correct jointing compounds can lead to very low maintenance in the life cycle of hard landscaping materials.

Pattern and bond of laid materials greatly aids in the visual finish of residential paving finishes.

Paving Contractor – Dave Mahon Designer Landscapes (Corofin)