The Challenge

To provide a robust and visually pleasing finished masonry product which will:

Compliment the contemporary Donard roof tiles supplied by Roadstone

Be suitable for both residential and commercial units

Provide for the 27 residential properties and 700m² of commercial property

Provide an aesthetically pleasing design

Provide a look which mimics Natural Limestone

Provide a product which performs in an A-rated build

The Solution

Roadstone provided 1,200m² of Keltstone Walling (Limestone)  for both Residential and Commercial aspects of the development.

The product was installed by the contractor in a random bond using a standard (non-pigmented) Flomix  Mortar (supplied by Roadstone with an on-site silo). The Keltstone was built by a standard block-layer, removing the need for a stonemason.  Roadstone also supplied 62,000 Donard Roof Tiles for this project  along with all the roofing dry fixings.


The Result

The complex succeeded in seamlessly blending both commercial and residential units. The use of materials allowed for a traditional look to be achieved with a modern design approach which complemented the surrounding area.


Always ensure that accurate measurement of masonry is carried out pre-build to ensure ease of delivery.