The Challenge

To provide a designed paving solution to comply with the Local Authority’s requirement for Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS).

The Solution

Roadstone provided approx. 450m² of 60mm thick Aqua Thomond harvest blend paving with an Aqua Thomond charcoal blend border. There was also 50 linear meters of Castlestone Charcoal Kerb used on the project. Roadstone supplied 280 tonnes of specified permeable stone from our local quarry in Belgard in Tallaght.

Roadstone also supplied SC intergrid to provide additional flexural reinforcement within the permeable stone and this along with Inbitex Geotextile and Distribution Tanks were delivered from the Roadstone paving plant in Gooig.

The Result

Roadstone completed a full SuDS design of the pavement. This design was completed in 6 weeks. This design provided the contractor, free of charge, with details of a full site-specific SuDS system. The design included design levels and cross section details of the paving solution for submission to the Local Authority. By using distribution tanks situated in the permeable stone layers, roof rainwater was also accommodated within the permeable paving system.


Roadstone’s free design service for SuDS compliant permeable paving projects is an invaluble tool to the modern design build team as well as builing and civil contractors.

Customers should engage with Roadstone’s Technical team in the early stages of the project to ensure that the Roadstone’s SuDS design is completed in good time.

Customers should continually engage with Roadstone’s Technical team throughout the project to discuss design details as necessary and benefit from Roadstone’s 20 years experience in permeable paving.


Architect – Terry & O Flanagan Architects

Main Contractors – Brifin Homes