The Challenge

To provide a robust and visually pleasing finished masonry product that is:

Cost effective when compared to natural stone alternatives

Suitable for such a unique building

Aesthetically pleasing

Mimics appearance of rugged natural stone

Performs in an A-rated build.

The Solution

Roadstone supplied 317 m² of Pewter Blend Hallmark Walling to this re-designed building.

The building layout was retrofitted to accommodate multiple residential use. The re-design also included new balconies and greater use of glass and modern zinc finishes giving an updated finish to the building.

The Hallmark walling supports both a modern and rustic feel to the external leaf of the building. The walling provides a durable masonry construction product requiring no maintenance or protecting from the elements. This was a very important factor for building as it stands within 100m of the coastline and will be exposed to heavy weather.

The Result

The result is an A-rated aesthetically pleasing building that is comfortable in its coastal surrounds.

Hallmark Walling has proved to be the right product to use on this build in achieving all of the initial design requirements.


Ensure that accurate measurement of masonry required is carried out pre-build to ensure ease of delivery.

Always ensure that sample panel of masonry units is constructed on site to ensure all parties are satisfied with the aesthetics of the masonry unit prior to commencement of construction.


Main Contractor – Dublin Loft Company