The Challenge

Following an increase in coastal erosion along the Promenade in Lahinch an enhancement project was required to reduce the impact of extreme weather on the surrounding area.

In order to do so an additional 30,000 tonne of rock armour would be required along the sea wall.

The Solution

To help meet the total requirement Roadstone provided limestone rock armour from its quarries in Bunratty and Roadstone Ryans in Ennis.

Rocks with weights ranging from 2 – 10 tonne were extracted from both quarries.

Production blasts were designed specifically to maximise the yield of larger armour rock.

The Result

A storm defence that protects the surrounding area from extreme weather events and further coastal erosion.


Pre-planning is key to ensuring a yield of suitable armour rock.

Scheduling in advance is important to ensure that stocks of rock are ready for collection.