The Challenge

To provide a full site landscape of the highest design quality which is accessible while being fun and functional.

The products would have to:

Be resilient and suitable for Irish conditions.

Accommodate the vision specified by Peter Donegan (Landscape Architect).

Accommodate the special needs of the customer.

Be available to suit the tight project timeline.

The Solution

80m² of Castlestone 60mm paving in 2 sizes was laid as a car-parking area in the front of the house. This paving was supplied in a limestone Blend colour with a bale (14m2) of Castlestone Charcoal blend placed randomly through the paved surface for effect. Castlestone brick (240x160x60mm + 160x160x60mm) is a popular durable paving brick with an antiqued finish and is perfect for domestic driveways. This Castlestone was laid over 20mm of Clause 804 crushed aggregate and on 40mm of Paving Grit both supplied locally from Roadstone Kilmacow Quarry. Roadstone also supplied the Kiln Dried Sand for the paving with this product being supplied from Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig (Limerick).

70m² of Natural Limestone slabs in 3 sizes (300x300x30mm, 600x600x30mm and 600x300x30mm) and were laid in a random basis on the southern side of the house. These slabs were laid on a 40mm mortar bed. The slabs were jointed using a JointIt product in the dark colour (Basalt) which was suitable for the random size wide joints. Both the Limestone and the JointIt are available from your local Roadstone Retail Outlet.

Several paved areas were constructed using Roadstone’s Sablé Slabs. There was 50m² of Sablé 600x600x30mm Dora slabs (tan colour) placed adjacent to the limestone on the southern side of the house. These slabs were butt jointed and laid on a sand/cement base. There was 120m² of Sablé 600x600x30mm slabs in Hera and Omega (Greys) laid on a random basis as a path and barbeque area on the eastern side of the house. These were laid in a similar basis to the Hera. The Sablé slab is manufactured to the highest standards and gives a 10-year guaranteed sealed surface.

On the eastern side of the house, paths were laid using 2m³ of Roadstone’s Ready-Mix Pathcrete Concrete and these paths were finished using a brush finish.

500m² of Autumn Gold Pebble was also laid on the entrance driveway. This was laid to a depth of 40mm and provide a vivid colour to a large surface area. This is Roadstone’s most popular driveway pebble and is available online or from your local Roadstone Retail Outlet.

The Result

The selection of paving and decorative stone products resulted in a beautifully designed landscape.

The use of different products allowed for the zoning of different areas within the garden, creating a multi functional space.

Varying tones and textures of stone and paving provided a sympathetic backdrop to the wonderful plants and landscaped areas.


Roadstone Technical staff should always be engaged with before the beginning of large projects. This gives the client the full benefit of the project experience of Roadstone staff.

A Roadstone Retail outlet should be visited before commencement in order that customer can see and take-home samples of the paving or walling options.


Landscape Architect – Peter Donegan

Main Contractors – DIY SOS – Collen Construction, John Foley (JFK) and John Paul Meany

Roadstone Product – Autumn Gold Pebble, Castlestone Paving, Natural Limestone slabs, Sable Slabs, Burren Walling, Keltstone Walling, Roof Tiles and Ready-mix Pathcrete Concrete