The Challenge

To provide a robust and visually pleasing finished masonry walling product;

The product would have to be suitable for residential unit types and be visually pleasing against the render areas of the buildings.

The product would have to provide an aesthetically pleasing design.

The product would have to perform in an A-rated build.

The product would have to be suitable for use both on the dwellings and the perimeter walling.

The Solution

Roadstone provided approx. 75,000 Golden Multi Rumbled Huntstown Brick for both aspects of the development and all perimeter works.

Huntstown Brick in Charcoal colour was used as a window feature.


The Result

The product was installed by the contractor in a stretcher bond.

The Huntstown Brick was built by a standard brick-layer using factory produced standard mortar.

Roadstone also supplied Aqua Thomond permeable paving for this project.


Ensure that accurate measurement of masonry required is carried out pre build to ensure ease of delivery.

Ensure sample panel of masonry brick is constructed on site prior to commencement of construction. This ensures that all parties are satisfied with the aesthetics of the masonry unit before construction begins.


Architect – Michael Fitzpatrick Architects, Cavan

Main Contractors – Comer Group Ireland