The Challenge

The N17 N18 Gort To Tuam PPP Scheme was separated into 3 sections, North, Middle and South.

The Rathmorrissy Interchange is the largest on the contract linking the M6 Galway to Dublin motorway and M17/M18 Gort to Tuam motorway. The roundabout itself is almost 1 km in circumference and was a very complicated and challenging aspect to the contract.

Another feature of the project was Annagh Hill Interchange, located at Annagh hill on N63. The interchange consists  4 roundabouts and approximately 4km of a road network.

The Solution

Roadstone was contracted to lay CBGM, Base, Binder and Wearing Course on both the North and Middle sections including all side roads on the Tuam By-Pass and Rathmorrissy interchange.


Tuam By-Pass                                                   4.1km

N17/N18 mainline                                           30km

Rathmorrissy circulatory carriageway        1km

Rathmorrissy slip roads (12no.)                    9km

Annagh Hill Interchange                                4 roundabouts+ 4km road network

Side Roads                                                         25

Safe T Certification award

In November 2016 Roadstone Contracts was awarded the highest Safe T rating possible. The audit was carried out on this project, and is a testament to the team working on the project.


Communication is key

Advanced planning and programming is vital

Dealing with issues quickly and effectively builds confidence

Quality and quality control are a key part of any large contract