The Challenge

To provide a paved surface of the highest design quality which is accessible while being fun and functional.

Specific parameters also needed to be considered for this project. The product required would need to:

Be resilient and suitable for Irish conditions.

Accommodate the vision specified by Peter Donegan (Landscape Architect).

Be functional to accommodate the special needs of the family.

Suit the tight project timeline.

The Solution

Roadstone provided 120m² of Milan paving in two colours (natural and midnight). This paving was placed in the back garden and on the driveway and provided a modern and functional paved surface.

This paving was supplied from Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig (9kms from the job site). All build up stone, Clause 804, Paving Grit and Silver Jointing Sand, for the paving was supplied by Roadstone’s quarry in Bunratty. Roadstone also supplied Ready-Mix Concrete (17m²), Roadstone’s Trowel Ready Mortar (2m²) and Aristocrat Fine Textured Blocks (400) to the site from local Roadstone locations.

Roadstone supplied decorative stone (Glenview Gold Stone Mulch) in tonne bags from our local Roadstone Retail outlet.

Roadstone made technical support available for this project from early in the planning phase to ensure that the time and space constraints of the project could be fully accommodated and to help to achieve the vision of the Landscape architect Peter Donegan.

The Result

An aesthetically pleasing landscaped area that is as much a feature as it is functional, for all members of the family.

Designed to match the size and shape of the garden, Milan paving proved to be an excellent solution due to its elongated shape.

The paving draws the eye along the garden complimenting the soft landscaping an the contemporary renovation to the house within.


Ensure that a sample panel was shown to the Landscape Architect (Peter Donegan) before construction begins. This means that the paving and decorative stone can be seen as they will be constructed.

Roadstone Technical staff should always be engaged with before the beginning of large projects. This gives the client the full benefit of the project experience of Roadstone staff.

Landscape Architect – Peter Donegan

Main Contractors – DIY SOS – John Paul Meaney

Roadstone Architectural Product – Milan Paving