The Challenge

The Lee Road Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Cork City originally opened in 1879. The commencement of a plant upgrade in 2019 was the first major upgrade of the plant since the 1950s.

This upgrade included the construction of 6 underground reinforced concrete tanks as well as several other ancillary concrete elements. In excess of 9,000m3 of concrete was supplied to this project.

The Solution

Consistent supply of concrete and mix quality were key considerations for the project’s main contractor; Murphy International.

The majority of the concrete was supplied from our Classis plant in the western suburbs of Cork City. The plant was ideally located to supply this busy city site which included a base pour of just less than 1,200m3 of concrete that was completed in less than 12 hours in June 2020.

A significant volume of concrete supplied to Lee Road Water Treatment Works was used for vertical elements such as walls and columns. Concrete mixes that achieved the structural and durability requirements of the project specification and aided in the production of a quality surface finish were supplied. Over 20 individual concrete mixes were supplied to the project.

The Result

The upgrade to the Lee Road Water Treatment plant ensures the consistent and save supply of drinking water to 70% of Cork City residents and improves the energy consumption and running costs of the plants.


A pre-pour planning meeting that includes the concrete producer, the main contractor, the concrete contractor and the concrete pumping contractor is important to ensure that a pour of this scale commences on time, progresses at a desired rate and finishes with the availability of a sufficient number of trucks and drivers.