The Challenge

To provide a modern outdoor living area that offered:

An aesthetically pleasing design for this project

Safe access to the seating area.

A safe surface for a young family

Areas for flowers and biodiversity enhancement

A dry build low walling to compliment the stone and colour on the house

A low maintenance, long term hard landscaped solution

A barbeque cooking area and dining area for a large family and guests

The Solution

Roadstone provided 36m² of Petite Bordeaux dry walling in sandstone and 40m² of 600 x 600mm Grigio Porcelain slabs.

Petite Bordeaux dry walling is a versatile dry build walling product. Walls can be built free-standing, straight, curved with 90° angles and built in piers. It can also be used with a slightly inclined face to retain small flowerbeds. Projects such as fire pits, benches, fishponds, BBQ surrounds, steps, circles and many garden features can all be built with ease. Each unit is 300mm wide and has three sides textured with one side smooth and angled to give flexibility in producing curves. Unit ‘D’ has two sides textured and is rectangular in plan.

When using Petite Bordeaux dry walling for free standing applications it is recommended to use a proprietary masonry adhesive (for external use) or thin bed sand and cement mortar on the top two layers. The unit height is 75mm and can be built to a maximum of 8 layers producing a wall 600mm high.

The project also required Clause 804 stone, bedding mortar, bagged adhesion slurry and bagged liquid joint for the porcelain. All of these products are available online from Roadstone.

The Result

Roadstone provided a durable dry build low walling that was stable, flexible in design and capable of incorporating 3 seated areas for large family gatherings.

The Petite Bordeaux Walling was also constructed to allow raised flower beds within the low walls.

The colour of the Petite Bordeaux (sandstone) complimented the buff colour of the house and the natural sandstone walling on the rear of the dwelling. Integrated LED lighting and outdoor electrical outlets also provide multiple benefits to the family.


Ensure you use a good competent contractor. Ask to see previous work. This householder viewed several Danny Woodlock projects before choosing a contractor.

Pattern and bond of laid materials greatly aids in the visual finish of residential paving finishes.

“We are delighted with the job, we love the versatility of the Petit Bordeaux Walling and how it compliments the porcelain paved surface” Cian Lynch (Homeowner)

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