The Challenge

Páirc Uí Chaoimh is the new home of Cork GAA. With a capacity of 45,000 it primarily houses GAA matches but also caters for corporate functions and large events such as concerts.

Looking to improve on the spectator experience of the old Páirc Uí Chaoimh safety and comfort were key design considerations. As with any venue of this type and scale a watertight construction is essential to ensure areas such as changing rooms, concessions and other facilities remain dry and protected.

Roadstone provided the solution with key locations within the stadium constructed with Watertight concrete.

The Solution

Designed in a two-step process to reduce the path for water to migrate through a body of concrete, Roadstone’s Watertight concrete was supplied:

Step 1 – Firstly, the water cement ratio was lowered reducing the volume of capillary pores in the concrete matrix

Step 2 – Sika Watertight Concrete Powder admixture was used to create a hydrophobic layer within the remaining layers, thus blocking the passage of water through the remaining capillary pores

The Result

 In excess of 1,500m³ of Watertight concrete was supplied to the signature South Stand

In addition to meeting water tightness requirements the supplied mix also met specified structural and durability requirements


A change to batching procedures ensured that the Sika Watertight Concrete Powder was added in a manner that improved on health and safety standards and ensured better dispersal of the admixture throughout each load of concrete.