The Challenge

To provide an urban garden area of the highest design quality which is fully accessible while being fun and functional.

The products would have to be functional to accommodate the special needs of the customer.

The products would have to be resilient and suitable for Irish conditions.

The products would have to accommodate the vision specified by Diarmuid Gavin (Landscape Architect).

The products would have to be available to suit the tight project timeline.

The Solution

100m2 of Verona Paving 60mm was laid as a car-parking area in the front of the house and on the path at the side of the property. This paving was supplied in a Midnight colour with a Silver Granite inset border. The Verona Paving provided a granite textured durable paving product that can accommodate light traffic and turning areas and requires minimum maintenance or protecting from the elements.

The Verona Paving was laid on 50mm of Roadstone Paving Grit which was screeded over 200mm of fully compacted Clause 804 Stone. Both products were supplied from Roadstone’s local quarry. Roadstone also supplied the Kiln Dried Silver Granite Jointing Sand for the paving this was supplied from Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig (Limerick).

80m2 of Porcelain was laid at the rear of the house as a recreational area and as an area for outdoor cooking and entertaining.  This Italian Porcelain was a Cirrus Porcelain and is Roadstone’s larger porcelain unit at 1200x400x20mm.

Roadstone’s Porcelain offers unbeatable durability, strength, and ease of maintenance. Ideal for use in patios and gardens, Porcelain comes in a range of colours and sizes and Porcelain can be laid with narrow joints to allow a seamless contemporary finish to your space.

Roadstone’s Porcelain is low maintenance, anti-slip, scratch and stain resistant, and does not fade over time.

Roadstone’s bagged products were used to install the porcelain. Bagged Pavebed was used under the porcelain with Pavebond painted onto to the back of the Porcelain units to ensure adhesion and Pavepoint Grout used to grout the porcelain.

The Result

Roadstone Technical staff should always be engaged with before the beginning of large projects. This gives the client the full benefit of the project experience of Roadstone staff.

A Roadstone Retail Outlet should be visited before commencement in order that customer can see and take-home samples of the paving options.


Landscape Architect – Diarmuid Gavin

Main Contractors – DIY SOS

Roadstone Sales Rep. – Derek Power

Roadstone ProductVerona Paving and Porcelain Cirrus.