The Challenge

To provide a robust paved surface for both pedestrian and light vehicular use to;

Provide an aesthetically pleasing paving design.

Provide good value for a large paved area.

Provide a safe surface to accommodate the owners and family.

Allow for vehicular traffic on the paved surface.

Provide a low maintenance, long term hard landscaped solution.

The Solution

Roadstone technical staff engaged with both the contractor and the homeowner at an early stage of the project to provide a proper display sample to ensure the customer would be happy with the final finish of the driveway.

This resulted in Roadstone providing 650m² of Verona Paving in midnight and silver granite colour. The main body of the driveway was in Midnight colour with a Silver Granite inset border.

Verona paving is a 240x160x60mm + 160x160x60mm mixed bale product with a high-end granite textured finish. The paving was laid on 50mm of Roadstone Paving Grit which was screed over 200mm of fully compacted Clause 804 Stone. Roadstone also supplied the Silver Granite Kiln Dried Sand for the paving and all these products were supplied from Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig (Limerick).

The Result

Roadstone provided a durable textured multifunctional paved surface which ensured the sweeping driveway had both a robust paved surface and was aesthetically pleasing.


Ensure you use a good competent contractor.  Ask to see previous work. This householder viewed a number of Roger’s jobs before choosing a contractor.

Pattern and bond of laid materials greatly aids in the visual finish of residential paving finishes.

Engage with Roadstone Technical Staff early in your project to ensure that you benefit form Roadstone’s 50 years of experience.


Paving Contractor – Roger Cronin – Cronin Kerbing & Paving