The Challenge

To provide a full site landscape of the highest design quality which is accessible while being fun and functional. The products would have to be:

Resilient and suitable for Irish conditions.

The vision specified by Peter Donegan (Landscape Architect).

Functional to accommodate the special needs of the customer.

Available to suit the tight project timeline.

The Solution

Roof Covering

65m²of Donard roof tiles were supplied in Slate Grey colour.  Donard is a traditional flat tile offering the clean lines and smart finish of an interlocking slate pattern.  The Donard has approximately 25mm leading edge and have been tried and tested over many years to withstand the most extreme weather conditions throughout Ireland.  A full range of maintenance free dry fix accessories are available and additional fixings have been designed for extremely exposed environments.


Eave Ventilation

Roadstone supplied the Eave Ventilation System, this provides continuous over-fascia roof space ventilation in a simple weatherproof system. The system eliminates the need for a tilting fillet and reduces the required height of the fascia board.

Vent Tiles

Vent tiles with airflow capacities of 10,000mm² and 20,000mm², for connection to soil pipe ventilation and mechanical extractors.


Dry Verge

Stepped Dry Interlocking verge system, which provides a neat, mortar-free Verge that eliminates the need for undercloak.  These mechanical fixings provide a high resistance against wind uplift for both verge tiles and stepped verge units.


Dry Ridge

Roadstone Roll Out Ventilated Ridge System which provides a continuous weatherproof airpath from the roof void to the outside of the building. The system is mechanically fixed providing high resistance to storm damage. It is maintenance-free and does not require use of mortar bedding.

The Result

The use of the complete Roadstone roofing system allowed for a seamless design and integration of both roof tiles and dry fixings.

The roof was installed with ease and provided an ideal solution to the architects requirement.


Roadstone Technical staff should always be engaged with from the beginning of any large project, from going through the drawing plans and a range of possible solutions for your project.

Samples are always available before confirmation of any project if required.

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