The Challenge

To provide a robust and visually pleasing finished masonry product;

The product would have to be able to accommodate the design features specified by the architect.

The product would have to provide a robust masonry surface.

The product would have to provide an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Solution

Roadstone provided 3.000m² of Forticrete Walling (Charcoal Grey)  for the exterior wall of the school. This comprised of D1’s (100mm standard charcoal grey masonry blocks), D12’s (100mm standard charcoal grey masonry ½ blocks), SS51’s (100mm simulated half split charcoal grey masonry blocks), G1’s (100mm grooved charcoal grey masonry blocks) and D15’s & D16’s (100mm smooth Quoin blocks).

It was necessary to provide this array of masonry units to realise the architects design of a stack bonded masonry construction in both smooth and split finishes.  Roadstone also supplied an on-site charcoal mortar silo to ensure consistency of mortar colour (mortar is 12% of masonry block surface).

The Result

A slick and striking slick contemporary build with a unique appearance. The use of various types of Forticrete and their use creates an architecturally impressive building that matches the design brief.


Ensure that accurate measurement of masonry required is carried out pre-build to ensure ease of delivery.

Ensure that a panel of all proposed walling products is constructed before walling products are agreed to ensure all parties are satisfied and understand the finished appearance of the building.

Architect –  Reddy Architecture

Main Contractors – MMD Construction (Cork) Ltd.

Roadstone Product – Forticrete Masonry Walling