The Challenge

To provide a paved surface with a modern contemporary look which is both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

The product must be:

Suitable for significant pedestrian traffic

Suitable to compliment the clean modern lines of the hotel

Easy to maintain

Flexible in its usage as it would be used in front and at the rear of the hotel as well as at the entrance gate

Aesthetically pleasing as it would be highly visible in the wedding reception area at the rear of the hotel

The Solution

Roadstone provided 600m² of Milan linear paving (natural, white granite and midnight colour).

The paving was laid in a bespoke pattern using 60% white granite colour, 20% natural colour and 10% midnight colour (border).

The product comes in two lengths (360x120x60mm and 480x120x60mm) with the first brick in each row being cut to provide a true random look.

The product was used with a half battered kerb alongside Roadstone’s tarmacadam car park and tactile paving slabs (Buff).

The Result

Roadstone provided a contemporary product that complemented the hotel and its modern design. The lines of the linear paving accentuated the sleek hotel design and fitted well in the landscape surrounding the hotel.


Pre-Planning is a key component of any paving project to ensure the correct quantity of each colour/type of paving is provided to the job. This will ensure minimum wastage.