The Challenge

To provide a robust paved surface for both vehicular and pedestrian use wits a specific SuDS requirement. To achieve this the system must:

Provide for vehicular loading and parking of 50 cars

Be aesthetically pleasing

Provide a safe surface to accommodate elderly residents

Include permeable paving in designated areas to provide a surface free from standing water.

The Solution

Roadstone provided 2,274m² of 80mm Castlestone Paving (Curragh Blend)  with an antiqued finish for the trafficked areas and 40m² of 80mm Castlestone Paving (Charcoal ) with an antiqued finish for the car parking area.

1200m² of Aqua Cobblesett (Tan) was supplied for the pedestrian areas both within the complex and on the pathways. A total of 1332m of Roadstone’s Splayed Kerb Blocks (charcoal) were also used to compliment all paved areas. Finally 5m² of Tactile Paving Slabs (Cordorouy) were used at pedestrian crossings.

Formpave UK, in association with Roadstone, designed this bespoke paved surface to accommodate traffic and provide for permeable areas for pedestrian access and enjoyment. All the permeable build-up stone was provided by local Roadstone Quarries.

Water run-off from the Permeable Paved areas is filtered through;

2 – 4mm grit is brushed into the paving.

80mm ML Aquaflow Paving Blocks.

50mm depth of 2 – 6mm laying course.

Inbitex membrane.

350mm deep sub-base of specification graded stone with 30% voids to maximize storage.

Roadstone provided a vividly coloured multifunctional paved surface which ensured the surface was both a robust paved surface and a functional SuDS (sustainable urban drainage system) application. The paved areas are both functional and provide secluded areas for  the retirees.


Provide a maintenance program to customers to ensure that the permeable paved surface is maintained appropriately.

Ensure permeable build up stone is sourced from the local Roadstone Quarry in order to reduce delivery time and enhance the sustainability of the project.


Architect – Liam Long (Tipperary)

Main Contractors – Bawn Developments

Paving Contractor – Paddy Redmond Groundworks