In 2017 Roadstone Ltd. was discharging a large volume of water, under a water discharge licence, from it’s Belgard site in Tallaght to a local stream. This discharge water showed occasional exceedances of the licence limits.


To provide a water treatment system that would;

Treat a large volume of discharge water (15,000m2 per day)

Be safe for both Roadstone staff and neighbours.

Be a passive treatment system requiring no energy input or no onerous supervision.

Treat physical, chemical, and biological properties of the discharge water.

Enhance biodiversity in the area.


In 2017 Roadstone retained Vessi Environmental Ltd. to design and oversee the development of an Integrated Constructed Wetland (ICW).

The available land at the facility has been transformed from a disused state to a highly aesthetic and diverse natural habitat. This ecologically engineered approach to water treatment is not only cost effective but provided habitats for local wildlife within the conurbation of Dublin. Designed to yield optimum outcomes intercepting and treating water through the reanimation of a wetland ecosystem, it’s social, economic and environmental impacts deliver new perspectives for the comprehensive management of water and Roadstone’s sustainable environmental impacts.


Examine solutions that require minimum energy input and give ecological benefits.

View finished projects.

Bring in outside expertise where necessary.

Main Contractors – Vessi Environmental Ltd.