Antiqued rustic appearance


Castlestone antiqued paving can be identified by its rustic appearance. The range features a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colours. This combination will allow you to find a combination suitable for any project.

This product is manufactured in Roadstone's paving plant in Gooig, County Limerick and is shipped nationwide. Castlestone antiqued paving can be used in a range of settings. For example, a patio, garden, driveway or path for instance.  There are KerbsSetts & Channels available to match. Roadstone also supplies a range of Jointing Sand, Jointing Compounds and Laying Course

Additional bespoke colours available for orders over 200m2.


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Colours Available

  • Causeway blend
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Curragh blend
  • Limestone blend
  • Natural

Sizes Available

  • Castlestone Natural
    50mm Depth
  • Castlestone 60mm
    60mm Depth
  • Castlestone Natural
    80mm Depth

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