Materials to facilitate SuDs

Aquaflow Components

Aquaflow permeable paving (SuDS)

What is SuDS?

A sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) is an alternative to the traditional pipes, gullies and culverts approach to a development and its drainage strategy. A SuDS system comprises components and techniques that are deemed to be more sustainable and deal with storm water at source.

SuDS is the practice of controlling surface water run-off as close to its origin as possible, before it’s discharged to a watercourse or to the ground. Managing the water on site, minimize its runoff, detain the water for passive treatment and control it’s discharge rate back to the water table. The Roadstone Aquaflow system provides a practical solution to SuDS.

Ideal for all uses from home to commercial applications, for water harvesting to reducing the strains on our existing systems.

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Aquaflow Components

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