Roadstone develops concrete for 3D Construction Printing
3d construction printing

Roadstone and Irish owned Harcourt Technologies have formed a ground-breaking partnership, achieving the world's first integration of Readymix Concrete into 3D Construction Printing (3DCP). This collaboration sets a global precedent, seamlessly combining traditional construction with cutting-edge printing.

What is 3D Construction Printing? 

3DCP is an innovative technology that utilises large-scale 3D printers to construct structures layer by layer. It involves the deposition of construction materials, such as concrete, in a precise and controlled manner based on a digital 3D model.

Through R&D and a rigorous testing protocol, Roadstone has developed a concrete suitable for 3DCP that also complies with EN206. 

A recently completed demonstration build, consisting a pair of semi-detached houses has proven the capability of the materials and technology for house building in the Irish market.

Readymix concrete materials used in the demonstration build were thoroughly tested to ensure full compliance with the Irish Building Regulations and material standards.

The team involved in producing, testing, and installing the material discuss specific requirements to progress from the initial concept to a completed project.

Thomas Holden, Technical Manager from Roadstone, sheds light on the standards that have been met.

Barry Gilroy, General Manager from Mattest, has tasked his team with carrying out a testing protocol that aims to ensure precision and quality.

Jandré Oosthuizen, Materials Engineer at Harcourt Technologies Ltd, highlights the vital role of conforming to EN206 in advancing 3DCP.

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