I.S. EN 206: 2013 Concrete Specification
10th May
10th May

I.S. EN 206: 2013 - Concrete Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity, is the current Irish standard for the specification and
production of concrete and should be used in conjunction with the Irish National Annex I.S. EN206:2013/NA:2015.

Click on this link to download an easy-to-use introductory guide to understanding and interpreting the new standard, courtesy of Roadstone, the standard-bearers for excellence in concrete production.

Notable changes to the standard include revised requirements for fibre reinforced concrete, recycled aggregates and additions (fly ash & GGBS).
The requirements for conformity assessment have also been revised including additional requirements for Self Compacting Concrete and concrete for geotechnical works. The National annex takes these changes into account for Irish conditions with reduced cement contents for some exposure classes, reduced the slump tolerances and increased the strength class for Freeze Thaw.
Alternative equivalent design mixes can now be supplied in place of standard prescribed mixes, if supplied from third party accredited, I.S. EN 206:2013, ready mix concrete producer. See Table NB.2: Alternative Equivalent Design Mixes.
The National Annex also provides specific additional information and responsibilities for the specifier, user and producers in Ireland. Refer to I.S. EN 206 :2013: Tables NA5, NA6 & NA77 (table NC1 to NC6 where the design life & cover are known). The format for specifying and ordering concrete remains the same as that previously specified in I.S. EN206-1: 2002 including compressive strength, consistence and exposure classes.

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