N11 and N31 Pavement Renewal Scheme – Phase 3

Overview of the Scheme

Phase 1 of the Scheme was for Mount Merrion Av. And the N11 from MMA Mount Merrion Avenue to the Lower Kilmacud road, which was completed by Roadstone in 2022.

Phase 2 of the Scheme was along N11 from the Lower Kilmacud Road to Cornelscourt, and was substantially completed by Roadstone in June 2023.

Phase 3 of the scheme extends along the N11 from Cornelscourt to the Loughlinstown roundabout, see map below.

Roadstone has been appointed as the Main Contractor for the works.


Scheme Scope


The scheme entails road resurfacing of the N11 from the junction with Mount Merrion Avenue to the Loughlinstown roundabout and also includes the road resurfacing of the N31 comprising Mount Merrion Avenue, from the junction with the N11 to the     junction with Rock Road (R118). The scope of works also includes maintenance works to footpaths/cycle tracks and the surface water drainage networks along the route. The Scheme is to be delivered under 3 Construction Contracts (Phases).

Description of Phase 3


The objective of this project is to carry-out Road pavement renewal works for the extents of the N11 as shown in the map above. The works will include but are not limited to, the cold milling of the existing road surface and a 45mm bituminous inlay replacement.


The Works will also include the following works:

  • Road pavement repairs
  • Localised repairs to footpaths/cycle tracks
  • Repair and replacement of sections of damaged drainage infrastructure
  • Reinstatement of line marking
  • Resetting of utility covers



 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC), 01 205 4700, in conjunction with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), 01 646 3600.



 Barry Transportation, 01 485 1400, and McCurdy Associates appointed for the Scheme in April 2020



  •  Roadstone Ltd. completed Phase 1 of Scheme in 2022;
  •  Roadstone Ltd. Substantially Completed Phase 2 by end of June 2023;
  •  Roadstone Ltd. have been appointed for the final Phase of the Scheme - Phase 3 in August 2023

Summary of Works - Phase 3

N11 from Cornelscourt to the Loughlinstown roundabout

  1. Road Resurfacing - This is predominantly to be a 45mm road resurfacing of the N11 with certain sections of deeper 105mm repair works. Works will include Reinstating Road Markings, utility covers, traffic detector loops at traffic lights. Red cycleway surfacing and High Friction Surfacing will also be reinstated with some new sections.
  2. Footpath and cycle tracks repair and replacement works along this section 
  3. Drainage maintenance repairs along this section 


Overall Programme: 
4-5 months (with HFS to follow)


Footpath, Cycle Track and Drainage repair Works: 

Sep 2023 – Jan 2024

Road Resurfacing works: 

Sep – Nov 2023. Current start date is 18 September

High Friction Surfacing: 
April 2024


General Phasing of works

Road Resurfacing works are to commence from North and progress South in Stages as follows:

  1. Stage 1A: R842 Old Bray Road to Johnstown Road (ch4100 to ch4850)
  2. Stage 1B: Clonkeen Road to Johnstown Road (ch4850 to ch5650)
  3. Stage 2: Johnstown Road to Wyattville Interchange (ch5650 to ch7450)
  4. Stage 3: Wyattville Interchange to Loughlinstown Roundabout (ch7450 to ch8300)

Within each section (1A/1B; 2 and 3) the outbound and inbound carriageways will progress separately with outbound to progress first.

The footpath, cycle track and drainage repair and replacement works will be progressed in tandem with the road resurfacing.

High Friction Surfacing Works will follow the resurfacing Works in 2024 after the winter period. 

Lane Closure and Working Time restrictions

  • Two-way traffic movements to be maintained on the N11 between the hours of 06:00 and 20:00
  • Full carriageway closures to be between 20:00 and 05:00 only
  • Emergency access and Bus Service Access to be maintained on, and along, both carriageways of the N11 at all times.

Noise management

Noisier works, such as cold milling / planning of the pavement, to only be carried out during the day where practicable or to be scheduled as early as possible and prior to 11pm during any night shift. 
Noise restriction and noise monitored will be in place during the construction works. 


Contacts for project

Darren Jordan, Roadstone, 087 348 096, djordan@roadstone.ie

Graham Doyle, Roadstone, 087 279 2090, gdoyle@roadstone.ie

Robert Delahunty, Roadstone, 087 170 7789, rdelahunty@roadstone.ie


Traffic management emergency contacts

Emergency number day or night : 087 272 2276


Project letter 



EN 6279-002-005 (rev00) N11 SB Section1 Diversion Routes

EN 6279-002-006 (rev00) N11 NB Section1 Diversion Routes

EN 6279-002-007 (rev01) N11 SB Section2 Diversion Routes

EN 6279-002-008 (rev02) N11 NB Section2 Diversion Routes

EN 6279-002-009 (rev01) N11 SB Section3 Diversion Routes

EN 6279-002-010 (rev01) N11 NB Section3 Diversion Routes


Weekly update



Works completed



N11 NewsLetter from Monday the 9th to Friday the 13th October 2023

N11 NewsLetter from Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th October 2023

N11 NewsLetter from Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th Sept 2023

N11 NewsLetter from Monday the 18th to Friday the 22nd Sept 2023


Communication/liaison Officer

Darren Jordan, Roadstone, 087 348 096, djordan@roadstone.ie (communications/liaison officer)