Overview of the project

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, in conjunction with the National Transport Authority, is proposing Active Travel Improvements on Glenageary Road Upper between the Sallynoggin and Killiney Towers Roundabouts. 

Roadstone has been appointed as the main contractor for the works.


Scheme Details

The main works to be carried out as part of the proposed scheme include the following: 

  • Road pavement renewal works to include cold milling of the existing road for the extents of Glenageary Road Upper shown in the map above
  • The merging of the existing cycle facilities into a two way cycle facility on the north (sea) side of Glenageary Road Upper. It is also proposed to physically segregate the two way cycle facility from the vehicular lanes  
  • The left turn slip lane from Glenageary Road Upper onto Glenageary Road Lower is being removed and replaced with the two way cycle facility. Traffic counts at this junction noted that this left turn movement is low volume (1.65% of vehicles at this junction) and its removal wont impact the capacity of the junction. The existing island is being modified to provide an overrun area for larger vehicles  
  • A new toucan crossing of Glenageary Road Lower is proposed to provide a safe and segregated option for pedestrians and cyclists  
  • Side road junctions along Glenageary Road Upper are being narrowed in like with the recommendations in DMURS and additional green areas provided where possible
  • Localised repairs to the footpaths and the surface water drainage network along the route
  • A new toucan crossing is proposed at Rathdown School to cater for school children walking and cycling to the school



Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC), 01 205 4700, in conjunction with the National Transport Authority.



Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC), 01 205 4700, and AECOM Ireland Limited T: +353 1 238 3100



Roadstone Ltd. 01 404 1200


General Phasing of works


The works are to be done within the following key phases:

Note: Works will commence in Phase 2 from ‘Glenageary Park to Adelaide Road’ due to suitability

Phase 1 from Sallynoggin Roundabout to Glenageary Park.

Phase 2 from Glenageary Park to Adelaide Road.

Phase 3 from Adelaide Road to Killiney Roundabout.

Phase 4 on Glenageary Road Lower / Sallynoggin Roundabout

Phase 5 on Killiney Roundabout that cannot be completed with Phase 3

Phase 6 installation of Permanent Line marking, Cycle track and defender kerbs

(That can’t be safely installed in Phase 1 to 5)

Within each section the Westbound and Eastbound carriageways will progress separately with traffic being maintained Eastbound at all times.

The footpath and side road junctions works are to be progressed ahead of road resurfacing.

High Friction Surfacing Works will follow the resurfacing Works. A lag will be required for High Friction Surfacing works to ensure improved adhesion and these works.


Lane Closure and Working Time restrictions

Eastbound traffic movements with access to key destinations and houses to be maintained on the Glenageary Road Upper at all times. Work times between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 daytime and 19:30 – 06:00 night time. 

A Lane Closure will be in place from Tuesday, 19th March 2024 to Tuesday 7th May 2024, with a one-way system being maintained 24Hrs from Sallynoggin roundabout to Killiney Towers roundabout in various phases.


Diversion routes

Diversion routes will be posted one week in advance of road closure. Footpath Closures and a stop and Go traffic management system will be in place from Glenageary Park Junction to Adelaide Road Junction from the 3rd July to 19th July 2023. Lane closures will commence 20th July 2023.


Summary of Works

Location: Glenageary Road Upper between the Sallynoggin and Killiney Towers Roundabouts. 

  1. Full Road Reconstruction - Works will include Reinstating Road Markings, utility covers, traffic detector loops at traffic lights. Red cycleway surfacing and High Friction Surfacing will also be reinstated.
  2. Footpath repair and replacement works along this section 
  3. Installation of new pedestrian traffic lights at Rathdown School and on Glenageary Road Lower
  4. Side road junctions are being narrowed and additional green areas provided. Please note that partial ramps have been implemented at Cluain Mhuire, Altadore, Adelaide Road and Sharavogue junctions. These ramps will form part of the new two way cycle facility on the north (sea) side of Glenageary Road Upper. 

Overall Programme: 
15 months

Footpath and Road Pavement Works: 

July 2023 – September 2024

High Friction Surfacing: 


Contacts for project

Darren Jordan, Roadstone, 087 348 4096, djordan@roadstone.ie


Traffic management emergency contacts

Emergency number day or night : 087 272 2276


Project letter 


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