Roadstone at the NZEB World Forum 2019
5th June

NZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) will be mandated for all construction types commencing November 2019.

Visit Roadstone at the nZEB World Forum 2019 in the Fitzpatrick Hotel, Killiney on Thursday 14th November and talk to our expert team on our award winning Thermal Liteblock.

Benefits of Thermal Liteblock:-

  • Reduced Thermal Bridging resulting in reduced heat loss, and lower heating bills.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity (Lambda λ) value less than 0.33 W/mK for masonry block.
  • Robust and durable concrete block with a compressive strength of 7.5N/mm² and 13N/mm²
  • Suits traditional construction methods familiar to Irish and UK designers and builders.
  • CE marked– manufactured to the requirements of I.S. EN 771-3 to System 2+.
  • Thermal Liteblock is required only in key locations in conjunction with the Roadstone Concrete Block range.
  • The Roadstone Thermal Liteblock system is a very cost effective solution and can result in significant savings in the overall build cost
  • Improved (y) value calculations are achieved when using the Roadstone Thermal Liteblock system.
  • When a full building specific (y) value calculation is carried out using the Psi Values incorporating the Roadstone thermal Liteblock, improved (y) value of between 0.03 and 0.06 can typically be achieved.
  • Compliant U-values are achieved without having to provide a cavity in excess of 150mm.

Roadstone Thermal Liteblock is unique in colour to enable traceability on site. Photographic recording of the Thermal Liteblock built on site can then form evidence of compliance for the Assigned Certifier, Architects, Engineers and BER assessors.

CPD available

Roadstone provides CPD on technical information and practical solutions to Technical Guidance Document Part L and Roadstone's Thermal Liteblock.

Click here to complete an online CPD or request an In-House CPD