Roof Tile FAQs
1. What tiles are available?

5 profiles – Donard, Derrie Double Roman, Galloway and Causeway. (see separate factsheet for Minislate & Gemini).

2. What size?

Derrie Double Roman & Seville =419mm long x 334mm wide Galloway  , Donard = 419mm long x 330mm wide

3. What colours?

Derrie / Donard – 6 Colours, Farmhouse Red, Terracotta, Amber Mix, Brown, Black and Slate Grey.

Seville – 4 Colours, Terracotta, Brown, Black and Slate Grey

Galloway / Causeway – Black Smooth & Riven Textured

4. What is the minimum pitch?

Please refer to Technical Specification download on Roof Tile products page of website.

5. Can they be laid lower?

Designers and users should contact our technical sales office for advice.

6. What heaplap is required?


7. What batten spacing is required?


8. How many tiles are needed?

10.4 tiles per m² (our tiles cover approx. 1 sq. ft)

9. What weight laid?

Derrie – 54kg/m², Seville = 54kg/m², Donard = 55kg/m², Galloway / Causeway – 48kg/m²

10. What ridge tiles are needed?

Derrie / Seville – usually half round (18”/457mm long).

Donard / Galloway / Causeway – universal angle (18”/457mm long).

Decorative ridge tiles are available for all profiles.

11. Have you ridges for a single pitch roof?

Mono ridge tiles (18”/457mm long).

12. What fixing is required?

It depends on site location and exposure. Generally, tiles are nailed at 25º and above and tail clipped below 25º. On all roofs, the perimeter tiles (i.e. tiles at eaves, verges, ridges and alongside valleys and abutments) should be nailed or clipped. Along the East Coast and in the midlands, every tile in alternate courses should be nailed or clipped. Along the west and south coasts, all tiles must be nailed or clipped (see map in brochure for boundaries).