Hallmark FAQs
1. To what specification is Hallmark Walling manufactured?

Manufactured to ISO 20:1987

2. What strength is this product?

Strength 10N/mm²

Density 2100kg/m³

3. Where is Hallmark used?

It can be used internally or externally on any building. It is an alternative to brickwork, stonework or plaster finishes, Hallmark is an ideal product for one off houses and boundary walls.

4. Who can I contact re-deliveries and orders?

Contact Phone: (01) 8581650  /  Fax: (01) 8343931

5. What should I state when ordering?

Colour, Quantity /M², when delivery is required, site location and directions, site contact name and telephone number.

6. How do I know how many different sizes I need?

Our staff will calculate the mixture dependent on bond/pattern required.

7. How many pieces per M²?

Approximately 35 -dependant on Bond/pattern used.

8. How is it delivered?

Pallets are shrink wrapped and covered for protection and delivered by crane truck for easy off-loading.

9. How many M ² per truck?

90M² on rigid truck. 125M² on arctic truck

10. What is the pallet weight?

980 kgs per pallet (1 tonne)

11. What is the pallet size?

1M x 1M x 1M

12. Who works out the quantities?

The builder but your Roadstone Wood representative will be happy to help. Roadstone Wood cannot take responsibility for quantities. Where do I order Hallmark? Contact the office or your local rep. 01-8581650.