Glass Blocks FAQs
1. What standard are glassblocks manufactured to?

To DIN 18175

2. Where can glassblocks be used?

Glass blocks are used inside or out side any building to increase light, improve visual effect, provide increased security (as they are reinforced). They are most effectively used in kitchens, bathrooms, reception areas, and stairways, dividing rooms, windows and hallways and to bring in light to dark areas of a building.

3. What should I state when ordering?

State size, pattern, colour, quantity, site directions, contact name and phone number. Our contact personnel will work out quantities if given panel sizes. 

4. Can you give an estimated delivery time?

2-3 days from time of order for standard glassblocks i.e. Flemish or Clearview- 190 x 190 x 80mm.

2-3 weeks for other patterns. 

5. Is there a minimum amount we will supply?

No, we will supply any quantities required by the customer no matter how small. 

6. What are the standard accessories?

Building Mortar, Pointing Mortar, Expansion fibre, Sealant, Steel Rods available spacers,ex. stock. 

7. What extra precautions should be taken during construction?

Ensure glass block walls are protected from wind, rain and frost while being built. 

8. Where are they made?

Solaris glass blocks are made in Germany by Saint Gobain, One of the largest glass companies in the world. 

9. Can they be used to walk on/on floors?

No. We do not supply that type of glassblock. 

10. Are they waterproof when built?
  • Yes if built properly. 

11. What colours are available?

Generally-Azur, Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, Pink. See the brochure, as all blocks are not available in all colours. 

12. What is the Pointing Mortar Colour?

White only.