Gemini Twin Tile and Minislate FAQs
1. What is the tile size?

270mm long x 330mm wide.

2. What colours are available?

Gemini – 5 colours, Farmhouse red, Amber mix, Black, Brown and Slate Grey.

Minislate – 2 colours, Slate Grey, and Slate Blue.

3. What is the minimum pitch?

25º pitch

4. Can they be laid lower?

For advice on pitches between 22.5º and 17.5º please contact your local Roadstone location, which can be found here.

5. What headlap is required?


6. What batten spacing is required? 175mm


7. How many tiles are needed? 18 tiles per m²

 18 tiles per m²

8. What weight laid?

Gemini / Minislate = 51kg/m².

9. What ridge tiles are needed?

Universal angle (18”/457mm long). Decorative ridge tiles are available for both profiles.

10. Have you ridges for a single pitch roof?

Yes, we have the Mono Ridge Tile.

11. What fixing is required?

It depends on site location and exposure. Generally, tiles are nailed at 25º; verges should be clipped using appropriate clip.  A plastic clip is available to enable secure fixing in exposed areas.

12. How are clips fixed?

Clips are fixed at the tail of the tile and nailed to the side of the batten holding the course below. Roadstone supply batten clips and special clips for the verges and eaves.