Forticrete FAQs
1. What strength and to what standard is forticrete masonry block manufactured to?

The strength of Forticrete is 10N/mm”(Standard 100mm blocks 7.5N/mm”) and it is manufactured to IS: EN 771 standard.

2. Where would Forticrete be used?

Industrial, commercial buildings of all kinds and boundary walls (not so much in housing).

3. What are the sizes of Forticrete masonry?

Standard range-440 x 215 x 100mm

Modular range-390 x 190 x 90mm

Note: Building in the modular range is 20% more expensive than standard 450 range.

4. What is the colour range?

12 single colours and 3 multi-colours (view brochure)

5. What are the most popular colours?

White and natural.

6. What textures are available?

Smooth in all colours
Split in all colours
Split fluted in all colours
Split ribbed in all colours
Sim. ½ split

7. What specials are available?

We have an extensive range of specials (view brochure). We can also cut many Lintels, cills, quoins, squints etc. our cutting shop.

8. What position should Control Joints be at?

Usually 6 metres-centre horizontally.

9. What is the availability of Forticrete?

The delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks from date of order. Dependant on quantity some products will be available – contact our production plan for availability.  Phone: (01) 8581650

10. Where do I contact re-deliveries, orders and samples?

Your local Roadstone Retail Outlet, Sales rep or our Production plant @ Phone: (01) 8581650  /  Fax: (01) 8343931

11. What is the availability of coloured mortar?

We supply mortar or pigment to match/contrast with most colours. White blocks-for white mortar use sand/lime mortar with efflorescence inhibitor and white cement. Approximately 21/2 tonnes per 1000 blocks (100mm on edge).

12. What should I state when ordering?

Colours, quantity, when delivery is required, site location and directions, site contact name and telephone number.